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Awareness and Education

At Coherently, our consulting engagement commences with a pivotal phase we call "Awareness and Education." This initial stage is designed to lay the groundwork for a successful transformation by fostering an environment of understanding, readiness, and strategic alignment among all stakeholders involved.

Stakeholder Identification and Engagement: We start by identifying the key individuals and groups who will be impacted by the change. Recognizing the critical role stakeholders play, we organize a kick-off workshop tailored to introduce our team and outline the journey ahead and immerse key stakeholders and team members in the vision of the transformation. This interactive session serves as a platform for open dialogue, ensuring all parties are aligned and committed to the project's success.

Building the Foundation with Ways of Working: A cornerstone of our approach is establishing a clear, agreed-upon methodology for how we will work together throughout the engagement. This involves setting guiding principles, launching collaborative tools, and creating spaces that facilitate effective communication and collaboration. By doing so, we ensure that the project is built on a solid foundation of shared understanding and practices.

Change Management Strategy Development: In parallel with fostering awareness and laying down operational guidelines, we delve into the strategic aspects of change management. This includes conducting thorough readiness assessments and risk analyses to gauge the organization's preparedness for change. We identify potential resistance areas and devise targeted strategies to address them, ensuring the smooth progression of the transformation. Additionally, we meticulously architect the structure of the change management team and undertake comprehensive preparations to equip them for the challenges ahead.

Our "Awareness and Education" phase is crafted to ensure that every stakeholder is not just informed but also engaged and ready to embark on the implementation journey. It's about building confidence, alignment, and a shared sense of purpose from the outset, setting the stage for a transformation that is not only successful but also sustainable.

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